What We Do

We don’t have any fixed plans, subscriptions or paid services. We’re guided by the specific features of each partner, so we can help fintech companies deliver their messages to the right audience at the right time. What we do is constantly looking for new business opportunities to invest our experience and make revenues for both sides.

Five easy steps

Step 1

We start with research

We dedicate our time and experience to figure out what types of traffic work best for particular products and if there’s likely to be a demand for this types of services.

Step 2

We negotiate lead buying model

We consider different lead buying models and can find best available solutions for both sides based on characteristic aspects and nature of product.

Step 3

We develop marketing strategy

We do our best to focus solely on coming up with ‘the next big thing’ and specific features need to be developed in order to best meet the needs of our partners.

Step 4

We create marketing materials, setup tracking and provide IT support

We deliver high quality content, strong calls-to-action, advanced design solutions and well optimised landing pages, so our partners can fully focus only the product itself.

Step 5

You get customers

We’re always happy to receive some feedback from our partners. It helps us keep our spirits high and improve our marketing strategies.

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